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The Spartans fall to the D1 Portland Fighting Shockwave not once but twice falling to 0-4 , bright spots the are all around but they have yet lit the fire! With a coaching change at the Head Coaching Position will the Spartans rally and end their first year on a high note? Next Home game 6/1 Pride Night!!

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Seattle Spartans fall to the Tacoma Trauma 18-8, hard fought game! Come see the Spartans take on the Trauma at home on 6/8 Women in Sports Night! For Highlights


Seattle Spartans game one against the Lady Gades is in the books. Sadly the outcome of a 0-52 lose wasn’t the start the Spartans wanted but its not how you start its how you finish! The Spartans first half defense held the Gades to only 12 points but in the 2nd half the game got away from the Spartans and The Lady Gades came out like the Renegades they were named after seizing on the weakness and putting up the next 40 points in the 2nd half.

Read detail game break down here with READ MARK FLICKINGER- drop Home Opener 

Don’t worries fans there is hope!!

How will the Spartans respond?? Game two @ Mount Tahoma High school!! Saturday 4/13 kick off 6:00 pm

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Seattle Spartans Owner Nicole’s live on air interview with KUOW’s Bill RadKe on The Record

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